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Though English is language is widely used in Singapore, Chinese as a language is very important, especially if they are born as a Chinese. According to the latest census major Singaporean population constituted of Chinese, either partial or full which makes them the largest ethnic group in Singapore. Lacking the ability to effectively communicate with such a major group can certainly be a disadvantage.

Chinese is one of the categories in Mother Tongue for Singapore along with Tamil, Malay, Hindi and English. Being one of the most difficult languages to master, teaching and learning Chinese has become a big challenge for the schools and the parents. Chinese is a compulsory subject at Primary and Secondary levels and cannot be exempted in any case. The only choice you have as a caring parent is to support your children to better excel in Chinese by availing the services of a Chinese home tutor in Singapore. The government has been making efforts to promote the Chinese language and has established the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL) to promote Chinese as the most important language subsequent to English.
Parents often wonder about why their children should be saddled with such difficult language like Chinese. Apart from having curriculum importance in Singapore Chinese language has further merits as below:

  • Most local companies prefer to recruit people with bi-lingual skills as they can communicate effectively with Chinese speaking people.
  • China is a major country where the manufacturing industry is already booming. To capitalize on the growing business with China, acquiring Chinese speaking skills will always be helpful for future entrepreneurs.
  • For the large Chinese ethnic community of Singapore, preserving their rich history and culture is possible only if their language survives the test of times.

Ability to converse in Chinese makes one’s life much simpler in Singapore since from street vendors to barbers, grocery store attendants, car mechanics, and other people in different offices and shops most likely belong to the Chinese ethnicity.

Finding a good Chinese tutor in Singapore will be very easy for you if you come to “BestChineseTuitionSingapore”. Our one to one Chinese tuition programs can offer a huge advantage and lead start to your child. Some of the advantages of appointing one of our Chinese Tutors Singapore are:

  • Our Tutors  first analyze the learning abilities of the children, and then device a unique style and format for teaching them. This enables to have a short learning curve without burdening the child.
  • Building the child’s confidence in Chinese subject is the aim of all our tutors. They leave no stones unturned to warrant a good command over the language.
  • Our teachers are mostly local Chinese having a zeal about teaching and preserving and promoting their mother tongue.

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