Primary School Chinese Composition


The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) Chinese composition carries a total of 40 marks, which is a 20% weightage of the whole Chinese subjection. Duration of the paper is 50 minutes.

Chinese Composition Writing Tuition

Our tutors’ teaching are based on the MOE primary Chinese language syllabus. Familiar with the examination format and the requirements, our tutors are able to guide students to score well in Chinese Composition Paper.


  •  lay a firm foundation in the Chinese language
  •  cultivate an interest in writing in Chinese
  •  study various writing techniques and essentials of an interesting story.
  •  learn the process of planning a good story and developing convincing characters
  •  different elements of a good composition such as sentence construction, appropriate vocabulary, felicitous phrases and paragraphs linking
  •  provide exposure to good phrases for Chinese composition such as idioms, proverbs, metaphors
  •  learn by modelling from model Chinese compositions handpicked and vetted by our tutors
  •  develop picture composition in depth
  •  explore a range of writing genres
  •  differentiate and learn from different styles of writing
  •  writing exercises or practice are provided to ensure students apply what they learn & develop their own unique writing styles.

Engage the Best!

At, our tutors are well trained and all ready to guide your kids to get the best out of them. Whether you are coming from the English-speaking family or you hardly spoke mandarin in your daily life; no matter which level your kids are in, let our tutors do the magic for you!

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